Eft and allergies

Table of Contents. The folder icon indicates that more content is available. Click on the icon or the associated text, or swipe to the right to see the additional content. As a result, it is likely outdated. EFT is extraordinarily effective for allergies. When compared to the medical approach, it is flat out astonishing to both physicians and patients. How, in a few minutes or a few sessions with EFT can long term, severe allergies get substantial relief And how can it do this with no drugs or medical interventions whatsoever? Medicine, basically, provides a chemical approach to allergies. It uses terms like antibodies and histamines.
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Note the various approaches he used, including tapping on the possible emotional causes.
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One of my favorite discoveries about EFT is its effectiveness in alleviating painful allergy symptoms. These include pollen, birch trees, raw potatoes, and cats. As a result, the doctor gave me a prescription for a pharmaceutical nasal spray. He told me to use it twice a day for the rest of my life, but I had misgivings. I found an alternative in the Neti pot, which turned out to be helpful but messy. I discovered that a commercially-prepared saline solution infused with grapefruit worked well too, only to panic when it ran out. Stinging nettle and other herbs provided relief, but they can be costly. And I came to the bottom of those jars all too quickly too. During an occasion when I ran out of my usual remedies, it dawned on me to try tapping to alleviate my symptoms. These symptoms range from tingling above my left ear, the agonizing sensation of sprouting horns from the top of my head, and stabbing in my nostrils.

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When a long-term feeling of unsafe is addressed, for example, not only can EFT have a measurable effect on the symptoms in the short-term, but allergies can clear up permanently — or come back to a much lesser degree. Since Chrissy is a neighbor of mine, I can attest that two years after this interview, her once chronic allergies still have not returned. While I could not attribute it to anything external in my environment, like pollen or dust, I knew something beyond physical was going on because the symptoms would switch sides — going from the left to the right nostril at odd intervals. Very rarely does it get stuffy anymore, and I credit this to the mindful explorations I did with EFT. In the meantime, if you have questions about how EFT might be able to help you, get in touch. Results are often surprising, as is the journey that a session or group of sessions can take. Keep in mind, you do not need to divulge personal details for an EFT session to help — there are ways to work with whatever personal stuff comes up that honor confidentiality and still have a measurable affect on physical symptoms. Warmly, Jade jade [at] emotionalengine.
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Just because of a food allergy? Food allergies can range from a simple itching sensation in the throat, rashes on the skin or even anaphylaxis and without treatment can even result in death sometimes. Those who suffer from food allergies, will find that the allergy can take the joy out of eating and savouring their favourite foods. As often allergies will be connected to food that are also enjoyable and pleasurable.

This is what Trained Occupational therapist and founder of Khushi, Dr Reena Singh found, she loved rice pudding and also had an allergy to it and was lactose intolerant. She would dream of eating rice pudding and would be in a constant tussle internally to indulge or not. While it was her favourite food, just a spoonful would result in loose motions, pain and discomfort.

Not just that, old dust and spider webs would give me flu and incessant sneezing and literally drain me out like the water squeezed out of sponge. Oh my God…it was a pain!!!

But I had learnt to live with it and accepted myself with the way I was. Reena goes on to share how she was surprised to find that while she did not work on her allergy during Emotional Freedom Techniques EFT Training, how after attending the program her allergy vanished. She was even waiting in anticipation for the symptoms. Believe me, I really could not resist. There was a fight in me — one telling me to have just a spoon and forget about diarrhea and the other one was a strict teacher inside me teaching that I was behaving like a child.

As soon as I gulped it down my throat and before it could reach my stomach, the teacher in me was angry and screaming at me for this foolishness. I was really sad and also guilty as I sat on a sofa in a corner waiting for the thunder and the lightning. I was waiting and waiting and waiting… Now it was half an hour and I was fine, usually I start getting my symptoms in a matter of just 5 minutes. Now it was more than 3 hours and no symptoms.

I had to believe that I was free. All my allergy was because of the negative emotions that I had been carrying with me since my childhood. Swoooosh …. Its been more than 6 months now…I eat all the food stuff that I was once allergic to. After years of a dairy allergy, EFT cleared it and my dust allergy!

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